Visa/Travel Assistance

Visa Assistance

Getting a successful visa is not an easy task. At Bluechip Choice, we give free visa guidance to all the candidates. We guide our clients in the entire visa process, form filling-up applications, and prepare financial statements to train candidates for mock interviews. The bluechip Choice staff remains regularly updated on the latest visa rules, which helps us guide candidates towards filing their documents in the most presentable manner. A highly dedicated teamwork in line with Immigration and High Commission Offices enabling prompt and precise documentation. Bluechip Choice carefully assists each student with the visa applications, offers guidelines for financial statements, and helps students prepare the file to meet the High Commission requirements to ensure 100 % Visa success.

Every country has a different process and procedure for visa filing. We at Bluechip Choice assist students with adequate information based on country to country. The glaring mistake that most of the students make filing their papers is applying with the same old documents of rejected visas. At Bluechip, we guide students with clarity, and all the checklist information is available at our offices. Based on the checklist for all the countries, the guidelines are given on financial documents and the visa filing process.

Travel Assistance

Even for a day alone, going away from home is always tough and imagine how it would feel when you have to travel abroad alone and that too for years. At Bluechip Choice, we understand the students' and their parents' anxiety and make students' journey quite comfortable and safe. When we talk about travelling assistance, we are talking about flight tickets from native land to the foreign land or desired country and travel from the airport to where the students will be staying or if the stay is in the university campus's hostel.

What we do for you?

  • Book air tickets at reasonable rates.
  • Facilitate travel insurance.
  • Country wise Pre-Departure Briefing (PDB).
  • Grooming session for easy international adaptation.
  • Relocation assistance is provided, directly or through our coordinators abroad or the education provider Discounted Air Ticketing.
  • Cater to Foreign Exchange Requirements.
  • Arrange Internal Travel Arrangements.
  • Airport Pickups etc.
  • Arranging mobile phone connections, debit cards if required.

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